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A regal look for the Princess Diana doll in the line of DC Stars!

Released by Tonner

Photos from Tonner and the collection of Wonder Woman Museum webmaster Andy Mangels!

On Sale: August 1, 2008
Retail: $159.99
Limited Edition: 200 pieces
Item Number: #T8-WPDD-01
Available Exclusively at

2007 Tonner website copy: "WONDER WOMAN as you’ve never seen her before!

At the peak of this year’s hottest couture fashion trend, uniting pop culture and fashion, comes Diana of Themyscira, the newest TONNER CHARACTER FIGURE.

This original creation shines as the princess and champion of Themyscira that she is and is available EXCLUSIVELY here!!

Clearly prepared for an audience with the gods, she will stand in your collection commanding the homage deserved of such royalty! Her long red and white gown is accessorized with jewels that will dazzle mere mortals. She is complete with evening gauntlets (everyone knows you don’t where the short ones to formal events) and her signature emblem on her belt.

You can check with her first, but I would make sure that any of your other figures which face her are genuflecting. I’m just sayin’…

Diana of Themyscira is the first of five fashion inspired super heroines all strictly limited to 200 pieces each."

This 16" plastic doll is not based on any previous comic book costume, but does feature Wonder Woman elements and motifs. The red and white satin gown is floor-length, and features gold leather-like cuffs and belt, the latter emblazoned with the WW symbol. A jeweled necklace and earring set complete the look. We don't know what she is wearing on her feet. Wonder Woman comics on Paradise Island/Themyscira. The doll comes with a display stand, and is packed in a black box with the "DC Stars" logo at the bottom.

The figure is posable, with 14 points of articulation (not 13 as stated) at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, groin, knees, and ankles.

This doll was cover-featured on the front cover of Doll Reader's November 2008 issue, which you can order HERE.

This doll was reviewed, with tons of photos, HERE.

This TonnerDirect Exclusive doll is the second rarest of the Tonner dolls, with an edition size of only 200.


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Available Exclusively at

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Doll Reader November 2008 Cover

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