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A rare and beautiful (and expensive) porcelain doll!

Released by Tonner

Photos from Tonner and by Wonder Woman Museum webmaster Andy Mangels!

On Sale: 1998-2000
Retail: $495-$500
Limited Edition: 500 pieces
Item Numbers: #98407 and #99402 and #20304

1998 Tonner Catalog copy: "Wonder Woman is the third doll in the super hero collection. She is an all porcelain doll with hand-painted features. She is wearing her "Silver Age" costume. The top of the outfit is embroidered with the American Eagle motif and her shorts are blue with white stars. Wonder Woman has jet black hair and red leather shoes."

This 19" porcelain doll is one of the few collectibles to be styled as the Silver Age Wonder Woman. It features synthetic, black rooted hair, a cloth costume, a white patent leather-like belt, and red leather lace boots. The tiara is metal, although the bracelets are silver leather (not the metal shown in catalog photos). The lasso is gold-braided rope and attached to the belt at the left hip (rather than the traditional right hip as seen in the comics).

The figure is basically non-posable, although the arms, legs, and neck did have limited movement. The arms could swivel upwards and downwards.

The figure could not stand on its own, but was packed with a Tonner doll stand. A silver metal rod fit into a cherry-brown round wooden base. The top of the metal rod featured a telescoping metal loop with hooked into a flap on the back of the belt, securing the doll and allowing it to stand upright.

The figure did not come with a certificate of authenticity, but did come with a hand-numbered hang-tag that was attached with gold rope to the figure's left wrist. The box was labelled on the bottom with a sticker which was hand-numbered with the same number as the hang-tag.

Finding an exact release date is difficult. The doll was first listed (with no picture) in the 1998 catalog, but was on the Tonner website as of January 1999, and is seen in the 1999 and 2000 catalogs. It was released to the direct comic book store market on July 8, 1999.

In 1997, dolls of Superman and Lois Lane were produced (Superman was released to comic shops on December 24, 1997, while Lois was released to comic shops on June 24, 1998). Listed in 1999 (but not pictured in any catalog) were porcelain dolls of Batman and Catwoman.

Webmaster Andy Mangels would like to thank James Melanson for his wonderful gift of one of these porcelain dolls!


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1999 Tonner Image Below
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Bonus Superman photos and information!
1998 Tonner Catalog Page 6 Below
1997 Tonner Catalog Page 7 Below
1997 Tonner Superman Below
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