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Thursday, July 22 -- 5:30-7:00pm -- Room 6AB
Wonder Woman and Double Dare Movie Preview
Official Description: Television's amazing amazon has a new boxed DVD set from Warner Bros., but the celebration doesn't end there. Now, get a sneak preview of Double Dare, the feature film documentary about Wonder Woman stuntwoman Jeannie Epper and Xena stuntwoman Zoe Bell, both of whom will attend! Plus see special rare WW footage from the collection of moderator Andy Mangels, and view one of the real Wonder Woman costumes.
Sponsored by www.wonderwomanmuseum.com and www.amazing-amazon.com. Door prize giveaways include DVD sets from Warner Bros., Back Issue #5 Wonder Woman specials from TwoMorrows, and Double Dare promotional items!

As seen below (sorry the picture is blurry), Jeannie Epper entered wearing a replica Wonder Woman cape, and both she and Zoe Bell charmed the audience completely. Moderator Andy Mangels got them talking about their roles as stuntwoman on Wonder Woman, Xena, Catwoman, and the Kill Bill movies, and introduced the first five minutes of Double Dare. The crowd loved the clips from Double Dare and from Warner's Wonder Woman DVD set, even though there were a few technical glitches along the way. Ken Yamada from www.amazing-amazon.com also displayed one of the original Wonder Woman costumes and a second of the original golden lassos. Fans also loved the giveaway prizes from Warner, Runaway Films, and TwoMorrows.

Earlier on Thursday, Andy Mangels worked with the New Wave Entertainment documentary crew that is helming the documentaries for the second season DVD set for Wonder Woman. Mangels was interviewed, as was Jeannie Epper, and comic artists Phil Jimenez and Adam Hughes. See a photo below of Mangels on the "set." The star patterns changed for each interviewee.
The DVD set is to be released in 2005.

On Friday, July 23, from 11:30-1 at the TwoMorrows booth (#1215), Jeannie and Zoe did a special Double Dare signing, and Jeannie and Andy signed the special "Wonder Woman" issue of Back Issue magazine (#5). People in line could purchase signed mini-posters, or photos of Jeannie and Lynda Carter or Zoe and Lucy Lawless. Giveaways included Double Dare postcards. The steady line included lots of women, and one pair of fans who had arrived dressed in an excellent Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor costume set. Another fan gave Jeannie and Zoe gorgeous customized Legos of their characters: Jeannie got a "Wonder Wetsuit," and Zoe got a blood-splattered Kill Bill Bride! You can see them on the table between them.

Both Jeannie and Zoe want to attend the Comic-Con next year as well,
after the release of Double Dare and Wonder Woman Season Two!

Photos below are mostly by Paul Smalley and Andy Mangels.