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released by Mego Corp., item #73500/4

"It's Wonder Woman's Super-Foe! That heartless arch-mistress of evil. . .NUBIA! Direct from her reign of TV terror!" This is the 12.5" doll version of Nubia, who was Wonder Woman's long-lost Amazon sister in the comics (introduced in Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #204). She was never featured on television -- despite what the box says -- though Wonder Woman did face an Amazon-like African American woman named Caroyln (played by Jayne Kennedy) in the episode "Knockout." That character was considered for a spin-off series that was ultimately decided against.

The doll had an African-American skin tone, with black rooted hair which had a white stripe in it. The hair was kept in place by a thin clear cellophane band. The doll wore a silver glitter body suit with sleeves and leggings. Over this was silver "armor," including a two-piece hard plastic breastplate, a pair of rubber shin guards, and a pair of rubber shoes. A red skirt peeked out from underneath the breastplate.

Packed in the box were a round silver plastic shield and snap-on handle, and a silver plastic sword, as well as a white plastic doll stand with two ankle-gripping columns.

The box noted 1976 DC Comics Inc.

Package measurements were 14" tall by 12" wide, with a 6" wide box to contain the figure and outfit. The box opened at top and bottom. The package flap included three comic-style pictures of Wonder Woman (by Dick Giordano), as well as a photo of Lynda Carter in her 1942 outfit, with hands on her hips. Oddly, she was only wearing one bracelet!

The package back features photos of the 12" doll assortment, with Wonder Woman and Diana Prince in prototype form (note the brown eyes instead of the doll's blue eyes, and the rounded bodice instead of pointed). Also pictured are the production versions of Nubia, Queen Hippolyte, and Steve Trevor.

Released 1976. Recommended for children over 3

Note that in the 1977 Mego catalog, the Nubia figure pictured is a prototype.

pictures below scanned from webmaster's collection.
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