Wonder Woman Museum
released by Mego Corp., item #73500/1

This is the second-issue 12.5" doll version of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. The skin was a natural flesh-colored tone, and it had rooted hair and eyelashes. The hair was kept in place by a thin clear cellophane band.

The red and yellow bodice of the costume was painted directly onto the body, but the panty/crotch area was also painted yellow. The doll wore a yellow tiara with red star; two small silver bracelets; blue panties (which snapped in back) with white stars; and a pair of red boots with pointed tops and heels.

The 15.5" stretchable gold cord "lasso" which was knotted together 2.25" from the ends was looped around the neck and dangled down the front of the figure.

The first clear plastic accessory bag loose in the package contained the eqipment for "Fly Away Action" as promised on a sticker on the box front. This included a group of black plastic pieces that formed a carriage for the doll; a string to help simulate flight, and a set of printed instructions on a ??x?? white paper sheet.

Package measurements are 14" tall by 12" wide, with a 6" wide box to contain the figure and outfit. The box opens at top and bottom. The package flap included three comic-style pictures of Wonder Woman (by Dick Giordano), but no photo of Lynda Carter. There is an inset photo of Diana Prince in uniform.

The package back features photos of the 12" doll assortment, with seven Diana Prince outfits. Also pictured are the production versions of Nubia, Queen Hippolyte, and Steve Trevor.

Released 1978. Recommended for children over 3

pictures below scanned from eBay, and webmaster's collection.
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