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WONDER WOMAN: 12" MEGO - Paradise Island Playset
The 1977 Mego catalog shows a Paradise Island Playset that included multiple columns, cardboard walls, a closet area for clothes, doors, and plastic "break-apart" walls. A large yellow plastic chair had a secret compartment in the back to store a large white plastic comb and brush set for Wonder Woman's hair.

Although this was never produced, it was featured in a filmed television commercial!

WONDER WOMAN: 12" MEGO - Wonder Woman Playset (3-Way)
The 1978 Mego catalog shows a Playset that included multiple settings. A three-sided cardboard backdrop showcased Diana Prince's apartment, Queen Hippolyte's palace chamber, and a computer lab. Accessories were to include a chair, chaise lounge, plant, and more.

This playset was never produced.

WONDER WOMAN: 12" - Airline Reservation Center
In 1978, Sears first offered an Airline Reservation Center for $9.98, sized specifically for Mego dolls. In the 1979 Sears catalog, they rereleased the playset for $5 less, but took the tactic of tieing it in directly to the Wonder Woman doll in both photos and catalog placement. This was due to the CBS-era TV shows in which Diana Prince worked with computers at the IADC. Thus, although this is not technically an official licensed Wonder Woman playset, by nature of how it was sold, it has become sought after as a Wonder Woman item.

The Sears text says:

(18) Airline Reservation Center. Priced $5 less than in our 1978 Christmas Book, page 470. Ideal for 11 1/2-inch dolls. Travel office background with clocks of the world, floor computer with revolving datagraph, flashing "light" panel, swing seat. Desk model computer has a ringing telephone, Clicking computer keypunch, swing seat. File cabinet, desk. 10 1/4 x 11 3/8 x 4 in. high. Cardboard, plastic. Imported.
AGES AND ORDER INFO. 5 to 11 years. Doll not incl.
49 C 31314 - Wt. 2 lbs. 2 oz. ...... 1978 price $9.98; Set $4.98

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WONDER WOMAN: 12" MEGO - Diana Prince Outfits
A number of outfits WERE released in Canada for Diana Prince and Wonder Woman.

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catalog pictures below are scanned courtesy the collection of the webmaster, Rob Chatlin (with the help of the Mego Museum).