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released by Mego Corp., item #51316/3

A part of the TEEN TITANS doll line, this was the 6 1/2" doll version of Wondergirl. The skin was a natural tone, and it had rooted hair. The hair was kept in place by a thin clear cellophane band.

Wondergirl wore a sleeveless red unitard bodysuit (with feet) that had painted white, gold, and blue stars going diagonally from the right shoulder to left wais, and on the left thigh. She had a gold fabric belt, a yellow necklace, and a pair of soft rubber blue boots with flat tops and heels. There were no elbow joints in the body, meaning that the arms did not bend.

The other members released in the TEEN TITANS line were Aqualad (#1), Kid Flash (#2), and Speedy (#4). The 6-7" bodies were shorter than the other Mego dolls. They were originally manufactured for foreign sales as a subsidiary of Mego called Lion Rock (the bodies are stamped with that company name).

All TEEN TITANS figures were only released carded on a light blue card. They remain one of the rarest and most sought-after of Mego super-hero collectibles.

Released 1976.

VARIATION ALERT: There is at least one known variant figure (pictured below) which has flesh-colored sleeves on the bodysuit. This is the same as that of the picture seen in Mego catalogs.

TRIVIA: Mego's 12" Ilia doll in the Star Trek: The Motion Picture line has the same necklace as Wonder Girl, but in a dfferent color.

pictures below scanned from eBay, the Mego Museum, Tomart's Action Figure Digest, the Teen Titans Gallery, and webmaster's collection.
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